Let e.dm fit together the pieces of your supply chain puzzle
e.dm (Express Distribution Management) is a division of Express Logistics Group that operates across a variety of industries in supply chain management, 3rd party logistics and Direct Marketing/Promotional activity.

Our approach is to offer you a customised service that adds value to your existing activities, reduces your fixed costs and/or assists you in entering new markets.

We seldom provide the same portfolio of services to different clients so our approach is to understand your supply chain objectives and then put together the right mix of services from our range of capabilities.
 Competition Management and Incentive programmes
 Point of Sale and Campaign Management
 Marketing and Promotion Project Management
 Managed Warehousing
 Showroom Facilities
 Mail and Letter Shop Services
 Returns Handling and Management
 Web ordering & Management
By understanding your business and market influences, e.dm and the wider Express Group can customise a logistics solution across an exhaustive range of services and incorporate them into an integrated, functioning supply chain model specific to your business.